European Education Project

Towards Economic Literacy in Europe

❓Why is it necessary to understand how economy works?
❓How inflation, interest rates and economic growth influence our living standards?
❓How is money created and what factors influence their spending?
kind of behavior is encouraged by low or high unemployment rates?

❓How can the eurozone problems be explained?

To answer such questions is not always easy without a formal economic education, yet economy influences our lives more than we might be aware of. Being an informed decision-maker makes us more resilient and less vulnerable. It helps to foster well-being, prosperity and sustainability.


Economic education as a part of lifelong learning rarely exists in Europe. For that reason, AVITEUM and six other European partners joined their forces and are currently implementing a two-year innovation project “Fresh-up Economics. Towards Economic Literacy in Europe”. Together we are going to create a learning platform in six languages to support economic literacy of adult learners. The learning content will be tested during two international training events with trainers of adult learners.


The project is being implemented over two years (1. 11. 2019 – 30. 10. 2021) in seven European countries: Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Poland, Spain, Austria and Ireland.

The project is funded by the European Union programme ERASMUS+.

For more information visit the project website:


The partner consortium consists of following organisations:

weltgewandt (Germany)
AVITEUM (Czech Republic)
PEIPSI CTC (Estonia)
WSEI Lublin (Poland)
ITD (Spain)
WU WIEN (Austria)
Financial Justice Ireland (Ireland)