Zdenka Havrlikova is the founder of AVITEUM and a never-ending believer that we can make a change and impact lives of our communities if we truly believe in our dreams. Zdenka holds a master’s degree in education and business economics & management. She studied in the Czech Republic, Germany and Russia. Over past twelve years she worked across non-profit, private as well as public sectors. She was active as a project designer & manager, coach, education expert, trainer, researcher and evaluator. She has been involved in more than 30 international as well as local projects that seeked to solve challenges in our societies and built an extensive network of cooperating institutions globally. The recent experience which shaped her vision to establish AVITEUM as a catalyst for change and growth was her four-months stay in the U.S. She was selected to participate in a global leadership program supported by the U.S. Department of State and gained a valuable experience as a business counselor for women and minorities. AVITEUM connects uniqueness of individuality and free spirit (“avis” means “bird” in latin) with sense of community and its importance (“avitium” meaning “birds collectively”). Zdenka created AVITEUM to support purpose-driven organisations (NGOs, education institutions, impact companies, start-ups, public organisations) as well as individuals to leverage the impact of their visions.

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„Zdenka Havrlikova is a highly qualified professional in the field of NGOs. She is extremely devoted to task fulfilment and achievement of  goal-oriented results. She takes care of every little detail related to the work development. It’s always a pleasure to work with such professional people.“

Andrés Abad Pacheco
International Project Manager

„Zdenka has special skills. She is able to help people rebuild the strength within themselves. She sensitively helps people discover their own talents and uniqueness. She is a person who lights up the room and helps everyone to be the best they can be. Get alongside her and stay there!“

Professor (Dr) Tony Ghaye
Professor of Positive Psychology

Zdenka has many talents and competencies. We have cooperated together for 3 years during a complex innovative international project which she prepared and managed professionally. On behalf of the Spiralis team, we would be more than happy to cooperate with Zdenka again.“

Jolana Turnerová
NGO Director

„Zdenka challenged and changed my opinion of what means to be coached and mentored. During our meetings, which took place over half a year, Zdenka helped me not only to become more aware of my potential but also, she inspired me to create strategies for achieving goals in a more systematic manner. Her vast experience in project management and organizational development was also very useful.“

Henrique Goncalves
International Project Manager

„I attended the „Flexi Career“, a self-development programme lead by Zdenka. The whole project was very well designed and organized thanks to Zdenka´s excellent management skills. Zdenka was not only a well prepared leader and trainer. She was always ready to meet our needs and requirements. I recommend Zdenka as a great project manager and business partner to everyone!“

Dita Hrudova
Education and Communication Expert

„Zdenka is a real professional in her field. She is amazingly organized and attentive to all phases of the project implementation. She does her work with love and care. I was a participant of a self-development and professional career program „Flexi Career“ which Zdenka prepared and managed over two years. It really hepled me a lot and I am very grateful for that opportunity.“

Michaela Drapelova 
Web Developer and Data Analyst