When Czech Republic meets U.S.A.

When Czech Republic meets U.S.A.

Leadership development as a catalyst for change

One year ago I arrived in Charlottesville to participate in the 2018 Global Leadership Forum (GLF 2018). I was selected to participate while serving as a Community Solutions program participant – volunteering in a New Orleans-based nonprofit for the better part of a year. Back home in the Czech Republic, I have been working for almost ten years on development and management of several national as well as European projects.

Zdenka Havrlikova
Zdenka Havrlikova represented the Czech Republic in the 2018 Global Leadership Forum

When I received the invitation from the Presidential Precinct to take part in GLF 2018 I immediately got excited by the presented agenda. It promised a week combining skill-building, discussion, project-based activities, and site visits. I came to Virginia with an expectation to explore different perspectives on women’s economic empowerment, identifying shared values, and fostering cross-sector cooperation. From the very beginning I felt inspired by meeting many young changemakers from all around the world.

GLF 2018 participants come together with mentors from the She Lab

There were several moments that brought new insights into my work, however one of them stood out. The Presidential Precinct’s strategic partnership with Tupperware Brands Corporation made it possible to participate in a leadership workshop with Rick Goings, Chairman Emeritus at Tupperware. I still remember the key messages that helped me to feel empowered and pursue my visions upon my return back home:

  • We get stuck if we spend too much time in performance zone – learn, read and get inspired more.
  • Always nurture your inner child – being playful helps to stay motivated and be creative.
  • Who you spend time with matters – develop authentic relationships.
  • The true leader’s task is to create an operating landscape where others can grow.
Rick Goings, Chairman Emeritus of Tupperware Brands Corporation, with GLF participants

I came back to Prague and re-entered my previous project management role; however, reflecting on Rick’s key messages, I felt the need to transform my experience and dreams into a viable vision. That was the beginning of AVITEUM, my own organization that serves as a catalyst for change. Throughout 2019 AVITEUM has already helped several nonprofit and purpose-driven organizations to grow and fulfill their missions.

Through grant writing, project management, and strategic development services, AVITEUM helps to reach social impact to build a better future for everyone. Most recently we developed a project to help unemployed people with disabilities, age 50 or over, find a way back to work. We’ve also facilitated a support program for children who undergo transitions among care centers, foster care, and biological families.

The Global Leadership Forum was the trigger to take the first steps and start working on my dream to establish AVITEUM as a catalyst for change.

My dream is to continue supporting those who care about the quality of life in their communities. I believe that we all deserve to benefit from a motivating culture of support. Having the Global Leadership Forum as a part of my Community Solutions program gave me the chance to see my work in a new perspective and transform my visions into actions. For me, for AVITEUM, and for communities in Prague, the future is an exciting journey to walk.

Zdenka Havrlikova is the founder of AVITEUM, a social impact and expertise consultancy. AVITEUM helps organizations as well as individuals who tackle social challenges and strive for positive change. AVITEUM offers grant writing, project management and strategic development services.

Original source: https://presidentialprecinct.org/when-czech-republic-meets-u-s-a/